Vision and Mission


Master of Pedagogy has consistently attempted to manifest its vision, mission, and goals following its development over years. In Promoting Better Indonesian Education, Master of Pedagogy ventures to become a reliable institution in developing and implementing educational science. We provide relevant curriculum and learning designs for our students. The emergence of educational theory and practice is reflected through our works and research that respond to the evolving needs of Indonesian education development.


Master of Pedagogy has managed to create an excellent, reliable, and trusted study program guided by the following values:
1.       Practicing teaching and learning activities that develop students’ conceptual, theoretical, and practical skills in education science and its other applied studies.
2.       Conducting research to expand, deepen, and sharpen current concepts, theories, and methodologies in education science and its other applied studies.
3.       Organizing community services by providing education analysis, evaluation, development, and learning services to contribute to the improvement of education quality.
4.       Establishing cooperation with domestic and international institutions to develop educational, teaching, and community service activities.


Our goals are based on the vision and mission that aim to:
1.       Producing qualified innovative graduates and noble scholars that are capable of adapting and responding to current education phenomena, and are able to lead, manage, and develop educational units at various institutional levels.
2.       Producing graduates that are capable of renewing and developing education quality in response to the current phenomena.
3.       Contributing ideas through educational research that benefits the society and education development.
4.       Producing graduates that are capable of carrying out meaningful community services in response to the needs of society and national development.

Academic Provisions

1. Study load and study duration

Students must complete 43 credits to obtain their Master degree. The duration of each lecture is 16 weeks, including mid- and final term examinations. Students can shorten their study duration by joining short courses during term breaks. By so doing, students can complete 11 months of classroom lectures. The remaining duration is allocated for thesis writing and if students can finish their thesis within 5 months, they only take 16 months to complete their studies.

2. Study Concentration

Following the current nomenclature, Master of Pedagogy provides a basis for general education and offers seven concentration options, named in: (i) Education policy, (ii) Primary school teacher education, (iii) Early childhood education, (iv) Social sciences and Civic law education, (v) Science education, (vi) Guidance and counselling education, and (vii) Vocational education

These seven concentrations are expected to widen learning opportunities for graduate students of various disciplines. We encourage young academics to exchange ideas in solving current education problems to take parts in improving Indonesia’s education quality. Joining our Master of Pedagogy will afford you an exceptional opportunity to anticipate renewal, changes, and development of education phenomena.

3. Academic degree

Students that have completed their studies are given the title Master of Education (M.Pd).

4. Curriculum

The curriculum of Master of Pedagogy is structured around the composition of courses consist of:
     1. Matriculation/ Equalization Courses
     2. Compulsory Courses
     3. Concentration Courses
     4. Elective Courses